225 Broad Street • Reinbeck , IA 50669

(319) 788-6434

What to Do

Who to Contact

Family member(s) and/or friend(s) Inform family members and friends regarding the death of your loved one.

Funeral Home Contact a funeral home of your choice.

Call Union Congregational UCC office at (319) 788-6434

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

What to Do

Schedule an appointment with the funeral home director. Ask family members to go with you to the funeral home. It will be helpful to take the following information with you when visit the funeral home: Date, time and location the family is requesting for the viewing/wake and funeral service

Information regarding the deceased’s wishes for their funeral service

Insurance policy(s)

Full name of your loved one

Date and place of birth

Parents’ name, living or deceased

Social security card/number

List of family members (i.e. spouse, children, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts)

Church Membership name (if applicable)

Proof of military service

Memorial funds – donations (In lieu of flowers) – name and address of organizations or charities to which donations are to be made

Pallbearers – list of people who might be available to serve as pallbearers

Make a list of family and friends to be notified of the death of your loved one. Ask a relative or friend to assist with the following:

Making telephone calls

Answering the telephone or door (keeping a record of calls and visitors)

Child care arrangements (if needed)

Coordinating the supply of food and the preparation of meals in the home

Attending to household chores

Funeral services at Union Congregational UCC

Funeral services are designed to meet the needs of the family and every attempt is made to accommodate the family’s requests.

The Pastor will meet or speak with the family to review the following:

Funeral date: Is the funeral date agreeable to the church, family and the funeral home?

Remarks from family – The family’s request is considered, however the Pastor has final approval. No more than two (2) people, 3-4 minutes each.


Favorite Scriptures (Old and New Testament)

Soloist/Soloist Request

Favorite Songs

Location of funeral service

Burial/Cemetery – Name and address of cemetery

Special sound request – Playing of CD

Ceremonies – such as Sororities/Fraternities, Masonic, Eastern Star are not part of the church service and must be held at visitation.

Church Support

Church Funeral Support Fees – The family is expected to cover the church’s related funeral expenses. Support fees will be discussed during the initial funeral planning and incurred based on the family’s funeral services need. The following are the funeral support fees:

Minister $300

Musician $125 and up. The price is up to the musician.

Custodian $75

Visitation (other than the day of the service) at the church $200

Funeral Service for Non-Members at UCC

UCC will consider the usage of the church facility based on availability and upon Pastor’s approval. Call the church office