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Music is an important part of the service. Because a wedding is a worship service, the music for the wedding should be appropriate for worship, directing attention to God and expressing the faith of the church. Various instruments are appropriate, but if the organ is to be used, the church organist (or another organist approved by the pastor) will play for the service. The officiating minister, in consultation with the organist, has final approval of all music for the wedding.

The couple should contact the organist early to discuss the music. If they want a soloist, they must secure their own soloist. Financial arrangements are between the soloist and the couple. The soloist should furnish the organist with a copy of any music to be sung. It may be necessary to schedule additional rehearsal time for the soloist and the organist, at an additional cost.


In decorating the sanctuary, simplicity is best. The sanctuary of the church was given a design appropriate for worship. It does not require decorations to make it a suitable place for a service of Christian marriage. Ostentation is to be avoided in the use of decorations. Carpets and furniture shall be fully protected against candle drippings and water spilling from flower arrangements. Seasonal displays and liturgical equipment placed by the church for regular worship are not to be disturbed. The common areas of the church building (entryways, stairways, and main hallways outside the sanctuary) may not be decorated. No nails, thumbtacks, or tape are to be used on the furnishings in the sanctuary. The throwing of rice or bird seed is prohibited. (Bubbles or rose petals are permitted.)


Nursery facilities are available upon request (the Church does not provide a nursery attendant – that is the responsibility of the wedding party.) The nursery should be left exactly as it was found.


Flash photographs may be taken during the processional or the recessional only. During the ceremony, existing light photographs may be taken from the back of the sanctuary. Pictures may be taken in the sanctuary following the wedding or in the sanctuary before the wedding, provided they are completed one-half hour before the service. Video recordings may be made from the back of the sanctuary, as long as the camera operator remains stationary throughout the service and uses existing light only. It is the responsibility of the couple to instruct their photographer on these policies.